Asphalt Mixing Plant GROSSMANN - industrial zone Schwabering


Grubenweg 7 in 83139 Söchtenau/Schwabering
Tel.: +49 (0)8053 / 5308106 - Fax: +49 (0)8053 / 5308108


This investment in a modern asphalting plant in 2013 brings our asphalt production capability to the newest technical standards.  

As one of the last economically independent asphalt producers in South Bavaria we manufacture and distribute in accordance with valid contract and delivery conditions: 

Rolled asphalt for the construction of

  • Classified roads
  • Bridge flooring
  • Cycle and pedestrian paths
  • Bituminous surfacing
  • Water-permeable road-surfaces

Our asphalt plant is quality-controlled by the Technical University of Munich, which guarantees compliance with appropriate regulations.    


Asphalt is a natural building material usedover millenia, which can be extracted for further utilization. 

Three basic components of asphalt are stones, sand and bitumen. Each of these components on its own and in conjuction are environmentally friendly. For example, bitumen is a preferred material for construction and sealing of drinking water reservoirs

Asphalt is a versatile,variously applicablematerial, which can be perfectly adapted to the local conditions.  

The capacity to recycle 100% ofused asphalt into new produce without any quality loss is an enormous resource conserving advantage of our plant.
Thereby efficient resource utilization is ensured in two ways:   
Firstly, natural raw materials are protected. Secondly, dumping and landfilling can be avoided.




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