Grossmann Civil Engineering

From road building and related asphalting works, bridges
and parking spaces to the development of construction zones, outdoor facilities or conduit and pipeline building - we are a reliable partner at your side for all civil engineering works.


Rising expectations and the need for an increasingly high-performance transport infrastructure require
innovative concepts, top efficiency, and a strong
range of business services.

With our broad spectrum of business operations, from planning to execution, from project management to quality control we repeatedly prove our competence.

Among other things, we can provide several independently operated asphalt convoys.

A young, yet well-establishedmanagement team and motivated, well-trainedprofessionals guarantee our
clients high quality and on-time delivery.

Continuous investment in modern machinery and employee training ensures our commitment to flexibility and excellence. 


The focus of our business is always our customer and contracting entity. Hereby we gladly assume an advisory function.

Civil Engineering