Grossmann Timber Construction

Our engineers and carpenters, under the leadership of company owner Emeran Grossmann, have significantly contributed to the development of modern day glued laminated (glulam) timber construction.

The new technique enabled the implementation of projects with wood which were previously considered impossible. Both daring visions of ambitious architects and cost-effective industrial buildings could be realized with glulam technology.

As one of the first companies we received the "Big Glued Timber Authorization" in 1963. Our firm is certified in the strength classes GL 24, GL 28 and GL 32.


Range of Operations

In addition to the BS-standard measurements we produce:

BS-construction elements up to 45 m single length
Cross-laminated timber constructions
Composite components (ribbed plates)
Block-bonded components
Wood-concrete composite slabs
Dormer window arches - from 1m radius
Bridge girders in spruce and larch
Circular columns - from 8 - 50 cm and 18 m in length
Board stack slabs - cut and glued, ready-to-lay
Trussed rafters with steel mounting parts
Restoration of built-in structural wood elements


Wood construction elements can be used in:
Production and storage facilities
Summer and winter sports facilities and venues
Swimming pools
Exhibition centers

Dorms and storied residential construction
and day-care facilities
Schools and special surpose construction

Solid Advantages

At our in-house joinery we cut timber to exact measurements, provide it with the necessary fastenings and steel parts, and then deliver the ready components right on schedule.

Timber structures are statically calculated by our own technical engineers, optimally constructed and processed. Due to the in-house production capability nearly every construction design is possible.

With appropriate dimensions wood exhibits a high fire-resistance and can thereby fulfill the F60-B and F90-B norms.

Glulam timber of intelligent engineering and thorough construction does not require chemical preservative agents or impregnators.

Wooden constructions exhibit a climate-regulating function in residential building construction.

Wood is highly resistant to aggressive atmospheric conditions. 

Glulam constructions are quick, clean and dry to assemble.


Timber construction